In the United States of America, the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, we are entitled to have our own opinions, to share those opinions (publicly), and we are, all the while, free from government infringement on those freedoms.

What we are not free from, however, are the consequences that follow confident, declaratory statements, of stupidity, ignorance and arrogance.

Many of us dumb, lazy, marginalized public servants got a good laugh out of the so assertively retched obliviousness that spewed forth out of Washington State Republican Senator Maureen Walsh over the past days; so, thank you Senator Walsh for the good laugh. But a good portion of us, didn’t so much as laugh, but rather seethed in anger at the broad accusation by an inexperienced, ungrateful, policy pushing elected official… again. But I for one, would like to thank the distinguished senator for her ignorant commentary.

I thank her because, out of the smoke, flames and ashes, came the firefighters to the rescue… After their family style lunch, but before their trip to the store in an enormous engine for dinner ingredients. Anyway, I digress. Then, the police came flying in, lights and sirens blaring, to protect the innocent… with their new gear slung, which isn’t relevant to the call, but hey… you never know. Next in came EMS, blaring lights and sirens but driving at a snail’s pace to keep the box on 4 wheels, to check on the nurses, evaluating if any of them need a trip to… well, work. Cause they’re nurses, and they… never mind. Then came the paramedics. Cause they needed their own entrance, and they changed the soundtrack and lighting just for them. BUT WAIT… they are ridiculously valuable, and I even like some of them, and they save us when we are broken or not breathing, so thanks medics. And the corrections guys even got in a swing or two. Of course, after the Senator failed to comply with their legal orders. Well done C.O.’s. And then, the doctors came flying in. Some of them wrote actual words, rather than undecipherable signatures and chart notes, for the first time in years. My favorite is by Dr. David Norton, and you can read it here.

My point; We did what First Responders do, we banded together. Through all of our differences and our taking shots at each other, we lived by the ultimate sibling rule; WE can torment our siblings, YOU better back off!

So, dearest Senator, you took a shot at some of the most overworked and underpaid among us, but you didn’t just swat a few bees, you got the whole hive. Congratulations! You’ve pissed off the entire First Responder Community. Good luck with your upcoming campaign.


The thin blue line, the thin red line, the thin green line, the thin white line, the thin gray line, and the thin orange line.