“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

— Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO.

At Herrscher Consulting we afford you a peace of mind by providing a better understanding of your situation. In turn, you will have the means to build a better running organization, access to the best training possible, and the tools to move forward and continue to improve your organization.

Herrscher Consulting provides organizations the tools to achieve competitive advantage.



  • Leading Millennials
  • New and Emerging Leaders
  • Veteran Leaders, a new take
  • Other

Public Safety

  • Evidence and Property
  • Civil Process
  • Policy and SOPs
  • Ballistic walls and Glass Design
  • Other


  • Recognizing Symptoms, and What to do About it
  • Reclaiming Your Life
  • PTSD Spouses & Significant Others
  • Other

Achieving your own Destiny

  • A Journey to Find Yourself
  • Taking Control of the Life You Want
  • (High School & Early College) Become the best version of you possible.
  • Addiction Recovery through success


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