Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website and Blog. I am so excited to be launching Herrscher Consulting! If we have not yet met, my name is Jorey Herrscher and I am the President and Founder of Herrscher Consulting.

Herrscher Consulting is a solutions provider, training provider and information provider for public safety entities, schools, businesses, non-profits and religious organizations. We all have a lot to learn from each other and Herrscher Consulting is here to provide the cross integration of great ideas.

A quick bit about me; I live near Houston Texas with my incredible wife and 4 amazing children. I have been a speaker, trainer, and presenter for more than 16 years. I moved to Santiago Chile in 2001 and stayed for nearly 2 years to teach and provide service to the wonderful Chilean people. I have been in law enforcement since 2006 in both sworn and unsworn positions. As a sworn peace officer, I worked in patrol, bike patrol, field training, narcotics and administration. I started working at the Harris County Attorney’s office in 2012 and became a licensed attorney in April 2013. I primarily defended peace officers, police agencies, County agencies and advised elected law enforcement and other county officials on a myriad of legal topics. I am currently the Assistant Chief at Harris County Constable Precinct 3.

My career has been formed around my desire to problem solve for others, and that is what Herrscher Consulting offers. My promise to you is that we will problem-solve for our clients in a creative, efficient and effective way. We train using a time-tested method and style that allows our participants to learn in an entertaining environment. My training objective is to not only help the participants learn and apply the content, but that they are so entertained, that they forget that about learning and are able to enjoy the presentation.

On the consulting side, our overall value is based on our ability to quickly, effectively, and creatively present our clients with solution-based content and, more importantly, provide an effective implementation strategy.

So, what does that mean? Well, we empower our clients to come to us with a “symptom” such as building and employee safety, low morale, organizational liability, etc., and we are then able to present to you the underlying and sometimes hidden problem, the solution to overcoming the problem, and most importantly, the strategy to implement the recommended solution.

I am excited to be able to provide these services and invite you to contact us with any questions.